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Tuna Meral

Machine Learning Researcher

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I am a highly motivated and awarded PhD candidate in Computer Science with a passion for pushing the boundaries of machine learning. Extensive experience leading research and development projects from ideation to production deployment. Proven ability to develop high-fidelity text-to-image generation models, automate deep learning workflows, and implement state-of-the-art image recognition solutions. Skilled in a wide range of technologies including TensorFlow, PyTorch, Docker, and AWS CDK. Seeking a challenging role to leverage expertise in building robust, scalable machine learning systems that deliver real-world impact.

You can find more about my work accomplishments on the resumé page.

I consider myself a Pythonista. I also have experience with TypeScript, and Go.

Current Interests:

  • Generative AI
  • Representation Learning
  • Few-Shot Learning
  • MLOps


  • Open-sourced the code for my CVPR 2024 paper: CONFORM
  • My new preprint CLoRA is available at arXiv.
  • My paper, CONFORM, has been accepted to CVPR 2024.
  • I will be doing my internship at Adobe researching Video Editing models in 2024 Summer.